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Leonard H. McCoy
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'Leonard McCoy'
is immortal, so kindly just shut the fuck up
Leonard Horatio McCoy was hardly born named that, though it's his name now. This time around, he was born one John Grimm, made a marine and sentenced to a life full of goddamn misery and death, more than punishment enough for being a good man of good genes. He's tried many lives after that, some good, some bad, some downright evil, and some just about perfect. It's been a long road. This last life, he thought to settle down in Georgia, have a wife, a kid, but these things almost never work out for him. She took the entire damn planet, and his kids. Left him with a Bones, hurtling back into the space he'd come to hate alongside a kid who seemed dedicated to getting his neck broke. Considering he's got nothing else to do, Bones figured he might as well try and keep this Jim Kirk alive.
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